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Cordaville Triangle

History of the Southborough’s CPA

  • Passed by the Southborough Voters in May of 2003
  • Revenue Collection began in July 2003
  • Community Preservation Committee (CPC) approved and created in 2004
  • First projects approved at Town Meeting 2005

Approved Projects

  • Open Space and Recreation Plan
  • Open Space GIS Data Layer
  • Historic Document Preservation and Storage Facilities
  • Creation of Wildlife Viewing at Breakneck Hill Conservation Land
  • Funding for affordable housing
  • Preservation of Chestnut Hill Farm
  • Restoration of the Flagg School/Historical Society Museum
  • Southborough Community Oral History project
  • Restoration of the All Wars Memorial Project
  • Funding for affordable housing through the Housing Trust
  • Application fees for the South Union School to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Restoration of the South Union School
  • fund phase II of the Southborough Town Clerk's record restoration project
  • to fund the Stony Brook Museum for preconstruction costs
  • Public park improvements at the "triangle" intersection of River Street, Southville and Cordaville Roads.
  • fund the CPC Open space reserve fund portion of the Chestnut Hill Bond

The 2007 CPC Obligations

  • Review and Approve Projects
  • Develop a CPC Master Plan